Becoming #CountryCyclist

It’s over before you know it.┬áHard to believe, but that old chestnut holds true for the joBerg2c. I was baffled when I heard entries for the 2015 edition were opening on Monday. It feels like yesterday that I was on the starting line in Heidelberg, GoPro secured to my chest, quivering under my Lycra and more than unsure about my immediate future.

I thought I’d relive those four months I spent at the start of the year training for this nine day marathon. This is brief window on that grueling spell of training once or twice a day, six days a week. Call it my warning to potential J2C entrants. Did I say ‘warning’? I meant ‘inspiration’, of course. Enjoy.

Becoming #CountryCyclist from Country Cyclist on Vimeo.

If you’re still keen, these are the experts I recommend to get you through the race:
Cycle Lab
Barrow Physiotherapy
Moscon Optics
Future Life
CrossFit ProForm

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