City of Gold… and Green

We think of Joburg as a smoggy and grey place, filled with the groan of traffic and stacked with concrete. Much of it is. But there are superb greenbelts scattered about this city. You don’t even have to look that hard. And when you’re there, it’s worth it. Mountain bikers will will certainly agree.

I’ve been scouting off-road routes to train on in Northern Joburg, and found a few gems this weekend. Here’s a gallery of action shots we rustled up from the expedition.

[*No mud was (that badly) harmed while shooting these images.]

Pictures by Jeremy Kirschner

  • IMG_4108
  • IMG_4141
  • IMG_4176
  • IMG_4186
  • IMG_4248
  • IMG_4286
  • IMG_4289
  • IMG_4320

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