Green Lantern Inn Returns

If you haven’t been to the Green Lantern Inn since Bill and Gail Ross-Adams took over, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Many visitors had become disappointed with the place. The creaky old buildings needed serious work and the gardens had the unkept aura of #CountryRunner after day 1 of RunTheBerg. Two years of love and elbow grease has the restoration well under way.

The Green Lantern Inn of Van Reenen is a rejuvenated gem of country life.
The Green Lantern Inn of Van Reenen is a rejuvenated gem of country life.

Bill and Gail Ross-Adams bought the Van Reenen icon after many years in the hospitality and tourism industry in Ramsgate and set about returning it to its former glory. Major refurbishments to accommodation were the first step. They remodelled the hotel rooms, replaced warped ceilings and threw on a lick of fresh paint. The gardens were spruced up (partly for a family wedding) and fun additions like the outdoor fireplace were made.

They’re still making improvements as they go along, but the famous Green Lantern is very much back on track. The old, country charm hasn’t been sacrificed either. The festive pub remains the hub and pets still roam freely, welcoming guests. The food is also excellent, especially the oxtail soup and, in my opinion, the chicken prego.

Perhaps most important is the personal touch that Bill and Gail clearly enjoy. Just a few minutes in the bar, chatting in front of the fire, and you’re one of the family.

Below is a gallery from my visit during the #CountryRunner campaign.

  • Green-Lantern-Entrance
  • Green-Lantern-Accommodation
  • Green-Lantern-Donkeys-#CountryRunner
  • Green-Lantern-Cat
  • Green-Lantern-Fire
  • Green-Lantern-Inn-Room-1
  • Green-Lantern-Gardens
  • Green-Lantern-Dining-Room
  • Green-Lantern-Games-Room
  • Green-Lantern-Inn-1-Railway-Station
  • Green-Lantern-Trading-Store-1

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