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After 15 years of big-city banking, Warren King decided it was enough. He bid farewell to Investec and before he knew it, he had the makings of his next big idea: Run the Berg. That’s how he met #CountryRunner

Warren King was on what he calls a ‘sabbatical’ after leaving his corporate Joburg lifestyle when he had the idea. “I was in the bar at a Drakensberg hotel, having a drink before dinner and chatting to the owners,” he explains. “They had plenty of trails for running and mountain biking, and we both kind of stumbled on this concept of a trail running stage race in the Northern Drakensberg.”

Warren King and his dogs negotiate part of the Run the Berg route on a scouting mission to the Berg.
Warren King and his dogs negotiate part of the Run the Berg route on a scouting mission to the Berg.

Long a keen participant in all sorts of outdoor endurance sports, King and his new partners All Out Adventures set about planning the inaugural Run the Berg: two days of trail running in the heart of the Northern Berg.

“It’s an exploding sport and we have some of the world’s best runners here in South Africa,” King continues, “not to mention some of the most spectacular locations for trail running.”

A keen adventurer, King 'Runs the Andes'
A keen adventurer, King ‘Running the Andes’

But Run the Berg is about the three or four hundred weekend warriors expected to take part. King’s philosophy: “We consider every single runner a rock star. That camaraderie is so important.

Trail running is just full of nice people. That’s why we have the ‘challenge’ route, which is 15km each day as well as the ‘extreme’ route, 25km each day. The shorter version is by no means a walk in the park, but it means anyone who runs trails can join us.”

One of King's favourite views from the 25km event
One of King’s favourite views from the 25km route

King describes the longer version as very tough but just as beautiful. He warns that a casual runner like me could be out there for six or seven hours on day one, but reassures that the views of Montusi Valley and the Amphitheatre make it all worth it.

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