Nutrition in a Nutshell

I’ve never been terribly concerned with nutrition. My ‘plan’ has long been to guess what’s healthy and stick roughly to that. But that changed when he felt the benefits of planning your diet. My old approach was fine for anything up to about two hours of exercise, I reckon. On longer rides, however, I kept hitting walls earlier this year. Common sense helped a little. Taking the advice of Debbi Nathan, the resident nutritionist at Cycle Lab’s megastore in Fourways, made patent differences.


If you’re wondering how to eat for the next few days and then during the nine days of riding on the joBerg2c, you might benefit from some final words of advice Debbi has sent me:

Hi Ian
Here are some final tips before you set off

During last days before joBerg2C:
Have 1 ampoule of Sponser red beet supplement 2 hours before each of your last big training rides. You’ll do exactly the same before each stage of the race.

Eat clean, healthy meals, and don’t panic if you feel heavier during the taper period. This is due to your body holding onto 2.7g of water with each gram of stored glycogen. This is a good sign – you’re going to need those stores!


The day before:
Make sure you are hydrating well throughout the day, especially when travelling. Sip water with High5 electrolytes and have a serving of Sponser Competition

Pre-race dinner:
Try and finish dinner 12 hours before the start .Steak with potatoes and a small serving of butternut is a good option. Try not to eat anything heavy or high in fibre.

Have a serving of Sponser Recovery Shake. Drink a High5 Zero with a large glass of water to help replenish electrolytes. (Don’t have the brown caffeine tab at bedtime!).

FutureLife-1Pre-race meal:
If you are having a full breakfast, this should be 3 hours before the start. You certainly don’t want a meal less than 2 hours ahead of the start. And the closer you get to the start, the smaller the meal should be. Toast with peanut butter is a good idea, and so is FutureLife. [Fortunately, FutureLife has sponsored me plenty of fuel. More on this in a later post.]

During the race there may be mornings when you just don’t feel like eating. In that case have a serving of Sponser Recovery Shake. Remember your red beet supplement 2 hours before each day’s start.

Shorter stages:
Drink Sponser Competition. Add BCAA’s gel at the 2-hour mark. Eat small pieces of bars at the 2.5 mark or sooner if needed. Remember to cut your bars into 3 servings the night before

Have your recovery shake as soon as possible after finishing each stage.

Longer stages:
Sponser Activators can be taken at the start of a stage when you are feeling particularly tired. Drink Sponser Citrus LONG ENERGY throughout the longer stages and during the latter stages of the event. LONG SALTY ENERGY GELS and BCAA’s gels will give you extra bursts along with your energy drink and assist with cramp prevention.

Try and avoid koeksisters, chocolates and muffins on the route .These may look appealing but will hinder gastric emptying and may cause stomach issues. Stick to your sports nutrition and eat natural foods on offer such as bananas, potatoes, dates and even fruit cake.

Best wishes for the journey! I have great faith in your capabilities and potential.




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